Oct 22, 2012

Beppu Kotsu Center

The Japanese have a custom of buying local specialties for family or friends back home, when we travel anywhere. If you travel in Japan, you might see a lot of gift shops for tourists here and there.

Beppu Kotsu Center is one of the useful facilities for tourists in Beppu. It is located in front of Beppu International Port (Beppu Kokusai Kankoko) which is a gateway to Kyushu Island from Kansai and Shikoku areas.
Orange-colored advertising display of the popular 'Shochu' is one of the landmarks. 

The first floor

It has a large gift shop which sells many local products from Beppu, Oita and other areas in Kyushu. Below are some of popular products you will find there.

<Bamboo crafts> 
Beppu has been long known for the bamboo crafts industry. Please reference to the beginning of this page <Beppu Bamboo Crafts> for details of the history. Baskets, flower vases, plates and chopsticks are sold in the shop.

<Sulfur salts, 'Yunohana'>
'Yunohana' is a kind of bath salts. You can mix it with bath water to create relaxing hot spring experience at home.

<Wooden clogs 'Geta'>
The 'geta' are said to be Japan's unique sandals and necessary when the Japanese wear 'yukata'. It is good for health to walk with the 'geta', because it simulates pressure points in the foot.

The local sakes, pickles, seasonings and confectioneries are also selling well.

The next to the gift shop is a restaurant, 'Chikushi', which serves local specialties of Oita, such as 'dangojiru' and 'toriten'. It is called Bamboo restaurant, because it is decorated by bamboo products around.

Restaurant 'Chikushi'
The second floor

Excellent bamboo crafts, traditional artists' works are displayed in the bamboo museum, 'Take-Miraikan'. The entrance of the museum represents as a bamboo grove. The reproduction of an artist's private house and large-scale ornaments of bamboo could be found there. Admission is free.

Bamboo grove 

                  Artist's private house in the Taisho and Showa Era

 Ox-drawn carriage

If you are interested in working process, you are allowed to see the demonstration and experience to make a small basket at a reasonable price. It takes about 20 minutes to finish it.

Please ask FTIO Office about how to access there from other areas in Beppu and further information.