Oct 5, 2012

Onsen (Hot spring bathing) in Beppu

Beppu is one of the most famous and preferred hot spring (Onsen in Japanese) resort
in Japan.
We have many tourists visiting our office for Onsen information.
There is a bus route map that shows you how to get to some Onsens available for you
at FTIO offices.

Bus route map of Onsen

Back side : Bus route for Kannawa, Myoban
<Takegawara Onsen>
   Takegawara Onsen is popular because of its symbolic old Japanese building
    constructed in 1938.
   There are normal Onsens and a sand bath (or Sunayu in Japanese).
    It's about 10 minutes' walk from Bappu JR station.

<Kitahama Onsen Termas>
    It has an open air bath to go in with a bathing suit.
    It has also variety of Onsen such as Steam Bath, Sauna, Waterfall Shower
    and Pail Shower.


A scenery you would see from
the open air bath on a fine fall day
<Beppu beach Sand Bath>
   You are buried up to your neck in hot sand and hear the music of the waves.
    Beppu bay is just in front of you.
   You will have a relaxing time.
<Kannawa Mushiyu (Steam Bath) >
   On the floor of the steam bath, herbs that give off nice scent are carpeted.
<Hyotan Onsen>
   There are Outdoor Baths, Hyotan Bath, Steam Baths, Waterfall Baths, a Sand bath.
<Beppu Onsen Hoyo Land>
    It's a unique open air mud bath. 
    It's mixed bathing.
   The mud is said to contain ingredients to make the skin beautiful.
<Myoban Yunosato>
    It is located on the hill and the open air baths overlooking Beppu bay make you
    feel expansive.
<Suginoi Hotel>
   There is an open air bath on the top of the hotel.