Oct 7, 2012

Saboh Shinanoya

The building of Saboh(Tea House) Shinanoya was originally built as a vacation home at the beginning of the Showa era and  later remodeled to the restaurant.Its Japanese atmosphere attracts not only Japanese people but also tourists from foreign countries.

Surrounded by trees

Western-style interior
Gorgeous furniture and accessories

Dangojiru, Japanese dumpling soup, of this restaurant is recommended for health conscious customers, because, not like in most other restaurants, it is a meat free diet.
It tastes plain, but as the soup stock is made from scratch, you will be satisfied with it.

Dangojiru, Japanese dumpling soup

Dangojiru teishoku (or set menu of Dangojiru) comes with some side dishes. They are  good, too.

Dangojiru teishoku

Of course, there are meat dishes.
The picture below is a set meal with grilled meat.
The set meal will be delicious, well cooked meat with a generous helping of
fresh vegetables.

set meal with grilled meat

At the end, you can have Japanese sweets such as yaseuma, mitsumame, etc. for dessert.


Saboh Shinanoya is 5 minutes' walk from JR Beppu station.

Open from 9AM to 10PM (except Tuesday and Wednesday)
                   9AM to 6PM   (Tuesday and Wednesday)