Apr 18, 2013

Beppu Hatto Walk (1) Horita Yunosato

 To walk around Horita hot spring area, one of the Beppu's eight hot spring areas, is a good experience for foreign tourists. being located at the foot of Mt. Tsurumi, people can taste the beautiful nature and also enjoy some historical atmosphere of the area.  Beppu Inter Change is the closest exit on Oita Highway.
A relief of dragon created by a plasterer using trowels.

The Shiraito waterfall. Shiraito literally means "white strings" in English.

Fudo Myo-oh, one of Buddhas, standing on the hill.

Five hundred statues of stone Buddha.

During the regular Horita Yunosato walk held on every 2nd Sunday morning, 
 a steamed  sweet potato, an egg, an Ishigaki bun and a cup of tea were served. They give the participants the energy to keep walking.

A stone monument of the historic battle field in early 17th century. Nobody can imagine the fierce battle from this peaceful land.

A source of hot spring providing hot spring water to the houses around the area.

A shrine with the beautiful drawings on the ceiling.

Shiraito Onsen. The bathtub was made by hollowing out a big stone.