Apr 10, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 April 8th, Lake Shidaka

  Today I visited Lake Shidaka and enjoyed the beautiful spring nature.
This place was shown in this blog last fall. The foliage season was beautiful.

  Getting off the bus at TORII, Lake Shidaka is about 1.3 Km from the bus stop.
 The lake is about 2Km in circuit.

 The mountain in the picture is Mt. Yufu.

 It was sunny today and a slight breeze made me feel very comfortable.
Cherry blossoms were still blooming and many people seemed to have a nice time in nature.

There were some little flowers by the roadside.
The lake is located 600m above sea level, so spring is a little late in coming compare with in the town of Beppu.

At  the other end of the lake, there is a path to Lake Kagurame.

I got the entrance of Lake Kagurame in 10 minutes.
In Jun, irises bloom at the edge of the lake.
The Iris festival will be held and attracts many people.