Apr 8, 2013

Beppu Onsen Festival in downtown (2013)

 Today was the last day of Beppu Onsen Festival, and Yukemuri parade was held in down town.
          note) Mt. Ohgi Fire Festival that was originally planed on April 6th will be held
                    on April 8th 2013, if weather permit

 The shrine ritual was practiced before staring the parade in front of JR Beppu station.

 Kagamibiraki, that is performed at celebratory occasions in which the lid of sake barrel is broken open by wooden mallets and the people gathered drink the sake from the sake barrel and celebrate together, was also held.

 Something written on the back of Happi coat is "Beppu Hatto Onsen FESTIVAL."

Carrying Mikoshi (a portable Shinto Shrine)



in Beppu JR station

A samurai warrior and Tengu (a long‐nosed goblin ) were walking together.

Jungle bus from Arican Safari took part in the parade.

Dance performers.

Mochimaki from long nosed goblin portable shrine in front of Tokiwa Departmentstore.
Mochimaki is an event of scattering rice cakes for people who come to a Shinto ritual.
In the picture, people stretched their hands and tried to catch rice cakes.
Fortunately, I catched a rice cake.

Open booths in Kaimonji park.