Apr 22, 2013

Beppu Hatto Walk (2) Asami Romantic Walk

Many foreign tourists like to visit Japanese shrines and temples. Asami Shrine is one of the best choices for them. It is located at the edge of Beppu Onsen area, one of the  Beppu Hatto. Many local people visit there to pray for good fortune all through the year. To walk around Asami shrine and its neighboring area is a fun for toursits.
It is a 15 minute-walk away from JR Beppu station west exit. At this time of the year, people can enjoy watching fresh green tree leaves and many kinds of flowers at their best. 

The main shrine 
An over 1000-year-old camphor tree(A god is believed to dwell in it.) 
 A married couple of cedars  
If you stand in front of the big tree, you will feel secret air
and get an energy and power by the deity.  

A monument of Martha Argerich. This world famous pianist
has been the General Director of Beppu Argerich Music Festival
since 1996. She dedicated a Sakura tree here.

If you are lucky, a "Samurai" in full Japanese armor will welcome you as a demonstrator in the regular Asami walk held on every 3rd Sunday morning.

A branch of Asami River near the shrine.

Many old houses remain here and there.
Wisteria blossoms